Challeging Walks

These type of walks is for people from 18 years old, don't have fear of heights or claustrophobia (being closed in small spaces or tunnels), with excelent stamina/resistance and, in some cases, out of their minds.

In some parts of the walks could be dangerous or even fatal. So before anything else be advised that even you are prepared, physical and mentaly, covered with insurance, if you fall... you will die.

The level of difficulty here is a very high because: of distance to be walked, or the thin trail with a fall of 200 meters or more, or the steep and slippery terrain, or some rocks falling down, or any other thing that you could face unpredictable.

Please don't be shy to ask for a stop and relax until your recover, if you need. We aren't going for suicide missions and I will support until the end of the adventure.

I'm completly sure that after you walk with me, your life will be changed somehow. No one can enter in our magic forests and secret places without any change in their hearts and souls.

Everyone needs some adrenaline in their blood time to time! Feel free to call me!

Carlos Verdinho
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