Average Walks

These type of walks is for all type of people from 16 years old, can be extended to young children if they behave themselves, don't have fear of heights or claustrophobia (being closed in small spaces or tunnels) and if they have a good stamina. In some parts of the walks could be dangerous for them (even if it has fence on them). So be wised to bring them, you know them better.

The increased difficulty' level here is a little bit harder, because of distance to be walked, have new obstacules to face. It's adviced to people that has some experience on hiking with good stamina.

Some of the walks are long don't be shy to ask for a stop and relax until your recover. Mid while you could enjoy, observ and feel the magic forests and nature arround with all its numerous species.

Everyone needs some adventures time to time in their lives! Feel free to call me!

Carlos Verdinho
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