Madeiran East Tour

This tour covers the east side of Madeira, passing through little villages, valleys, sightseens, beaches, cultural and local places, secret and magic places, small walks, promenades and so forth.

We will drive for 115 km, around 2:45 hours, by car or bus, depending on how many people will be with you. With a extra of 5 or 6 OR 7 hours of full entertainment.

The places we will cross are:

  • Funchal
  • Garajau
  • Santa da Cruz
  • Machico
  • Caniçal
  • Porto da Cruz
  • Santana
  • Funchal

The cost are:

People Price People Price
1 65 eur 4 185 eur
2 115 eur 5 to 7 230 eur
3 155 eur 8 to 14 365 eur


So what are you waiting for? Every minut is counting, book me now before someone does for the same day! Good Luck!!!

Carlos Verdinho
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