WonderKids Project

WonderKids Project' idea came from some of my friends, Maria and Elena Marochkina, and even from my Wife, Olga Verdinho.

I do enjoy nature and kids so we put it all together and we end up with this marvelous project to bring kids and their parents more close to nature. Teaching them the complex wonders of nature itself, how to threat and respect it and how to walk with proper safety.

Sometimes parents they need to have some rest for themselves, they work very hard to bring more conditions for their kids. So lets give them a chance to you and to your kids to develop some other skills and be aware of Madeira Wonders... send them to us without any worry, we will take care of them just for 5 eur per kid.

For any further help, information or booking, please click on Carlos Verdinho' cartoon to contact me!

Carlos Verdinho
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