Walking & Hiking in Madeira Islands

One of the many attractions of Madeira Islands are the beautiful “Levadas” and Footpaths. For a long time, since the first settlers arrived and built them, levadas have been considered one of the world’s great walking pleasures. It is also a great choice for those who enjoy outdoor activities. Levadas are irrigation systems, developed in the 16th century by Portuguese settlers, to distribute water from the northern regions to the southern regions.

Nowadays, Madeira Island has more than 160 levadas and paths that only few persons know them. And of course... I'm one of them!

These levadas provide walkers with beautiful views over the rural villages, always surrounded by tropical flowers and endemic species. Walkers can have a direct contact with the Laurel Forest, and also observe its endemic species.

Within the confines of the Laurel Forest, also known as Laurissilva Forest, you can find species of trees and bushes, namely the Canary Laurel, Madeira Laurel, the Madeira Mahogany, Beefwood, the Madeira Cheesewood, the Mocan, the Picconia, the Madeira Juniper, the Madeira Blueberry, the Soft Broom, the Broom Heath, the Shrub Trefoil and many others. You can also observe endemic birds in the Laurel Forest, these are the Zino’s Petrel (Pterodrama Madeira), the Madeira long-toed pigeon (Columba trocaz) and the Firecrest (Regulus madeirensis) plus all others indigenous species.

Before you set out, you have to bear in mind that walks have different grading, that means that the terrain on the routes varies widely. And your boots or good shoes are needed for any walk. Also bear in mind the island’s climate, that is, go prepared for sun, wind or rain. If it is your first time walking on Madeira, it is advisable to start with a shorter, easier route. Do take safety precautions.

But relax, you you will be in good hands with me, one of the best mountain guides in Madeira, click on here to get more information.

Depending which route you want, the number of people joined and the private service the cost will be 30 to 70 eur a person, we have some nice discount for groups. The service includes transfers from and back to your accommodation, small tour and some stops in the way for local or traditional places, viewponts and even beach if it's closed to the walk and the walk itself. It could also include lunch and/or dinner.

So be prepared to release all stress in your body and soul. You will find your own symphony with our magic florests and walks!

Carlos Verdinho
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