Where to eat in Madeira Islands

When visiting Madeira, you will have the possibility of tasting a wide range of regional typical dishes.

Throughout the year, Madeira Island has many typical dishes, that can be eaten in Carnival, Easter, summer holidays, Christmas and New Year.

An excellent choice for starters we normally have “Bolo do caco”, a typical wheat flour bread, with garlic butter and parsley. This specialty can be found in many festivals and “arraiais”, bars, and restaurants.

If you are a meat lover, you should try the famous “espetada”, beef cubed hung in a bay leaf stick. Other regional specialties are the “carne de vinho e alhos”, a delicious dish which consists of small pieces of pork that are left to marinate in a mix of sauce. Or “picado”, that consists of small pieces of beef fried with garlic in a pan, usually served with French fries.

However, we also have excellent fish dishes. These are the well-know “Espada” (black scabbard fish), “Espada com banana frita” (black scabbard fish with fried banana), tuna fish, “bacalhau” (codfish), “gaiado seco” (similar to codfish) and “pota”.

As for dessert, you could try the various delicious puddings, such as passion fruit pudding, velvet pudding, mango pudding and also fresh fruit.

Carlos Verdinho
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