What to do in Madeira Islands

Madeira has a lot to offer when we ask ourselves what to do there.

Starting from the walks along the ancient Levadas with stunned waterfalls and sightseeings - inside the Laurissilva Forest - hiking steep hills and mountains with marvelous views, do cannyoning & rappel inside deep valleys, feel your adrenaline when you do paragliding, or challenge yourself doing surf, in one of the places of the World Surfing Championship, play golf, dive in our crystal waters in the Atlantic Ocean and watch various colourful fishes and other marine unique species and many more things.

If you prefere to relax, you can plan to visit gardens, museums and historical monuments, or just take sun bath and swim anytime, along all year with almost same temperature, on a black or white sand beach or a rocky beach as your choice.

At the evening go for a walk and drink in the old town or go to disco to find interesting and lovely people.

There is no limits when we talk about amusing and entertaining yourself, check some activities on lateral panel. If you need any help, book me here!

Carlos Verdinho
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