On the Limit Package for Madeira Islands

The on the limit packages are made for those that want to life their lifes on the very limit, is similar to adventurous packages but the level is much higher and intense! You will be sleeping like a baby on that evening, so be ready!

It comprisses transfers from and back to your accommodation plus a challeging walk through some long Footpath/Levada with stunned views plus one or two activities (snorkeling or dive or sub or surf in Atlantic Ocean crystal waters or canyoning) plus lunch and dinner with tradition madeiran food plus camping on a magic place surrounded by forest smell and maybe with stars as witnesses plus some surprises! The surprises it will always depend on you smile! :)

The total cost is 200 eur a day or 1200 a week, per person, no kids or elders allowed. You will have to me mentally and physically prepared. All camping equipment and licenses included, on different places a week.

Yes I know... you can't believe it! Give it a try, you will be totally surprised!!!

Contact me soon as possible! My personlized services are very much in demand!

Carlos Verdinho
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