Beaches in Madeira Islands

Indulge in the many beaches of all colours and shapes that Madeira Island and Porto Santo have to offer. From pebble to sand beaches and natural to man-made swimming pools this destination will surely provide you with a beach vacation to remember.

Grab a towel, bathing suit and put it in your beach bag , catch some rays and dip into the cool Atlantic waters.

One of the best beaches we have is in Porto Santo island, a paradisiacal fine 9km golden sand beach is definitely a place to visit. Stretching for miles, this beach´s soft sand is used in many spa treatments as it has been proven to have many healing properties. It is not just by chance that they call Porto Santo the “Golden Island”.

In Funchal there are a couple of beach complexes that you may visit such as Clube Naval do Funchal, Ponta Gorda and Praia da Barreirinha.

Towards Câmara de Lobos you can have access to Praia Formosa, a pebble and black sand Beach more than 1 km, open to the public. Next to it you have a charming rocky beach resort called Doca do Cavacas, which can be reached from Praia Formosa by a connecting tunnel.

In Calheta we have a golden sand beach, brought from Morocco. A sand artificial beach built in Calheta, an ideal place for fun and relaxation for families with children. Lounging chairs and umbrellas may be rented right on the beach.

In Porto Moniz is well known by its natural swimming pools, a small islands, made by black lava rocks, invite you to lay down and catch some sun. Where also the visitors can enjoy watching the fierce waves of the Atlantic.

In Machico you could find a pebble beach and a perfect yellow sand beach for families, surronded by the green valley of Machico.

In Caniçal - Ponta de São Lourenço - you have a beautiful small black sand beach called Prainha. The path is not difficult to descend, but the same cannot be told when walking up the path. It's perfect for couples that try to get some romantic moments.

In Porto da Cruz, we can find the "Praia da Lagoa", a black sand beach that sometimes attracts some beginner surfers to the place.

In Santa Cruz you could have access to Santa Cruz s a beautiful stone beach with a pool. In addition, the biggest attraction, a water park with nine slides, two pools, and loads of fun!

But if you want more privacy you could go to any small and wild beaches around the island, don't be shy to swim naked and experience the freedom that it provides.

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Carlos Verdinho
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