Art and Culture in Madeira Island

Despite its isolated location, Madeira has maintained a good cultural autonomy.
This is reflected in the language and in traditions that have learned to deal with the combination of different elements coming from various countries who have accepted Madeira´s emigrants.

Madeira´s crafts such embroidery and wicker industries are of great importance to the economy of the region. Currently it is possible to appreciate the art of embroidery and weaving in many of Madeira´s villages. Also the madeiran folklore that could be found in some pubs, restaurants and even in the streets or festivals.

We have some good museums that show our history and costums.

In Funchal you can have:

  • The Museum of Sacred Art (collection of Portuguese paintings from the 15th – 18th Century and Flemish paintings from the 15th to 16th Century);
  • The Wine Museum (history of Madeira´s wine); The Madeira Story Centre (interactive museum that allows you to learn more about Madeira through looking, touching and hearing);
  • Museum of Henrique & Francisco Franco ( small selection of landscape paintings and sculptures);
  • The Museum of Natural History (devoted to the fauna and geology of the island);
  • City of Sugar Museum (history of sugar);
  • The Instituite of embroidery, tapestry and handicrafts of Madeira Museum Centre (Precious embroideries, tapestries and handicrafts from Madeira);
  • "Vicente" Photography Museum (history of photography in Funchal);
  • A Universe of Memories J.C.Abreu (collection of Art, jewelry and crafts from around the world);
  • Quinta das Cruzes Museum (a baroque-style manor residence with a vast collection of endemic and exotic plant species).

In Ribeira Brava you have the Museum of the Ethnography of Madeira (Ethnograph activities of Madeira)

In Calheta you have Casa das Mudas Art Centre (Known also as a cultural centre,its main goal is to represent, educate and raise public awareness of the value and importance of art and culture in Madeira Island through theatre, workshops, art exhibitions and much more)

In Ponta Delgada: The Horacio Bento de Gouveia House Museum (private library of Horacio Bento de Gouveira that displays his private work on subjects such as sugar cane farming and wine)

In Caniçal you have The Whale Museum ( history of whaling and fishing in Madeira)

In Porto Santo you have the Columbus House Museum (exhibits on the waterways and history of the island of Porto Santo)

Madeira has also a great religious tradition as you can see by the numerous churchs in all small towns, the most famous are: Our Lady of Monte Church, Sé – Funchal´s Cathedral, St. John's Church – Funchal College Church, St. Peter's Church, and so on.

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Carlos Verdinho
What to do :: Art & Culture