How to get Visa on Fastest Way

The fastest way would be like this:

  • Decide about the time you want to travel and dates, include at least 1 month to get visa;
  • Book online any hotel in Madeira, for example Booking;
  • Book your flight for the same dates;
  • Get the form, look for your country form and apply online;
  • Be sure that you have health insurance, if not do it;
  • Get all the documents needed, depending on your visa type (if possible Schengen Visa, not National Portuguese Visa);
  • Go to Visa Center, Portuguese embassy or consulate in your country and apply for Visa;
  • Wait from 5-14 days to get it, depending on the Visa;
  • Run to airport :D

Have a safe journey to our Paradise! Anything let me help you!

Carlos Verdinho
How to get :: Visa :: Fastest Way