How to get a Madeira Map

Madeira map can be adquired in any tourist or magazine shop, you can normally get one free copy in Tourist Information Office in airport or any office in the Madeira Municiplities. In Funchal it's on Avenida Arriaga nº16.

Anyway, because a map it's really something needed I will provide some maps that could be useful.

Click on the Maps to Download it*

Madeira Old Map (8100X4476) Madeira Recent Map (2771 x 1621)
Satellite Front Side Map (1680 x 970) Satellite Lateral Side Map (1516 x 559)
Madeira Touristic Map (2396 x 1251) Funchal Touristic Map (2000 x 1382)
Madeira Geology (5704 x 2686)  


* All maps were taken from Internet

Carlos Verdinho
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