Location of Madeira Island

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Madeira lies between 32°22.3′N 16°16.5′W and 33°7.8′N 17°16.65′W. Set in the Atlantic Ocean c.350 mi (560 km) off the coast of Morocco and c. 248.5 mi (400 km) north of Tenerife, Canary Islands. Is an outermost region of the European Union.

To get to the island we have two ways: by air and by sea. Depending on what you prefere and what is your budget you can choose between them:

  • By air - faster way - we have several airline companies that fly at least once a week from many parts of the world.
  • By sea - enjoyable way - we have many cruises and ships from different places, mainly from Europe, that passes to Funchal harbor.

Whatever is your choice, I believe that you will enjoy it very much your trip!

Carlos Verdinho
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