Sea Life

Madeira Natural Park is a large biological reserve in Madeira with a unique endemic flora and fauna. It was created in 1982 to safeguard the natural heritage of the archipelago, and contains a number of endangered species including global rarities such as Zino's Petrel. This national park encompasses nearly two-thirds of the territory of the island of Madeira, and within it are nature reserves, protected landscapes and leisure zones. Its key habitat is the laurisilva forests.

Part of the island has been protected for conservation of its ‘Lauirissilva’ forests and species of wild animals and birds. In 1999 Madeira’s Laurissilva forest was included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List and currently Portugal’s only asset as a World Nature Heritage. The project of the Nature Park started in 2001 and was financed by the program “LIFE-Nature” and NGO Fauna and Flora International. Not only is the program designed to protect and conserve the central eastern area of Madeira but is also aimed at the recovery of the habitat of endemic birds.

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