Santana Municipality

«(…) a parish of invocation of Saint Ana (…) are agriculture lands, of bread and creations; has lot of chestnuts and walnuts, and lot of waters and fruits from all kinds».

Gaspar Frutuoso, , 16th Cent

Located on the north coast of the island, the municipality of Santana is made up of six parishes: Arco de São Jorge, São Jorge, Ilha, Santana (municipal seat), Faial and São Roque do Faial, being elevated to the status of municipality in 1835. Its name is derived from Sant’Ana, the patron saint of the municipality. For many years, the main economic activities carried out in the municipality were essentially directed towards agriculture, thanks to the nature of the land, which was favourable to the growing of cereals, sugar cane, vineyards, horticultural products and fruit trees. Faial’s wine and custard apples are worthy of special mention.

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