Santa Cruz Municipality

“…passing by a turn made by the land, they entered a beautiful cove in the beach, where they saw a beautiful and delightful valley covered by trees, where on land they found some old logs blown down by the weather, from which the captain ordered a cross to be made, which was then raised to the top of a tree, giving the name Santa Cruz to the place, where later a noble village was founded.” 

Gaspar Frutuoso, 16th cent.

Located on the south coast of the island of Madeira, with an area of 95.9 km2, the municipality of Santa Cruz includes five parishes: Caniço, Camacha, Gaula, Santa Cruz (municipal seat) and Santo António da Serra. This municipality has demonstrated an ever-increasing growth in terms of population, economy and tourism, and is therefore a location worthy of an obligatory stop.

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