Porto Santo Municipality

«... Because before they arrived at the coast of Africa, they were struck by a storm so large with the force of winds against them, that they despaired for their lives: for the ship was so small, and the sea so rough it swallowed them, pushing the dry tree about at will. (…) But it pleased the mercy of God for the storm to cease, and although the winds caused them to miss the route they were taking according to the orders of the Prince, they (the winds) did not divert them from their good fortune: discovering the Island we now call Porto Santo, the name they gave it then because it sheltered them from the danger they went through during  the days of fortune. . . »

João Barros, 16th cent

Lying a short distance from the island of Madeira is the island of Porto Santo, a paradise island with a beach of golden sand around 9 km long. The island is itself one municipality with only one parish, that of Vila Baleira, raised to the status of municipality in 1835 and made a city in 1996.

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Carlos Verdinho
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