Porto Moniz Municipality

“This part of the Island is by nature rough and heavily wooded, so that its inhabitants have the alliance between the useful and the agreeable. (…) As can be easily concluded, this part of the island is no less enchanting than useful, for loneliness has its charms, proof of this being that the Madeirans from the south go there for recreation and to drink its delicious milk”.

Manuel Constantino, 16th cent

The municipality of Porto Moniz is made up of four parishes: Achadas da Cruz, Porto Moniz (municipal seat), Ribeira da Janela and Seixal. Despite its present designation, this area was at one time called Ponta do Tristão, the name being changed in 1533 to Porto Moniz, in honour of Francisco Moniz, a nobleman from the Algarve married to D. Filipa da Câmara, João Gonçalves Zarco’s granddaughter, and who was granted the lands that today make up the municipal seat.  Porto Moniz is one of the oldest parishes on the north side of the island (1574), being predominantly agricultural, especially in the production of horticultural products, as well as raising livestock.  It was only after World War II, when the road linking the municipality to São Vicente was built, that this municipality’s isolation from the rest of the island was broken.  This road was literally carved out of the rocky coastline, passing through various tunnels and crossed by waterfalls headed to sea. This road is considered one of the most beautiful and impressive of the island. A new and wider road was recently constructed, running parallel to the old roadway.
It is worthwhile to follow the route of the old road, which is open to one-way traffic going from São Vicente to Porto Moniz. 

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