Machico Municipality

“This village of Machico (head and seat of this first Captain Tristão) although small, and has few neighbours, is very well laid out, pleasant, with many vegetable gardens and orchards, set in the middle of a stream so fresh and superb”

Jerónimo Dias Leite, 16th Cent

The municipality of Machico is considered a place that is truly important in the unfolding of the historic evolution of Madeira, because it was here, on the beach of Machico that João Gonçalves Zarco and Tristão Vaz disembarked for the first time, in the 15th century. Besides this, there is also the legend of Machim, according to which the English Robert Machim and his lover Ana d’Arfet arrived here, because of a change of course caused by a storm, and where later they died. The curiosity of the story resides in the fact that the two lovers would have been the first two to set foot on the island and that their tombs were found by the Portuguese navigators; the origin of the name of the municipality is therefore derived from “Machim”.
The municipality presently has five parishes, Porto da Cruz, Caniçal, Machico (municipal seat), Santo da Serra and Água de Pena.

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