Introdution to Madeira Islands

AtlantisWell, only few ones know but Madeira was part of the last lost continent Atlantis, that is why that the land itself has the property to heal everyone from inside! Come and see from yourself if you have any doubts!

I know, I know... is difficult to believe so come and visit us! Meanwhile I will give you some dates and tell you about its story.

So from what I will start?! Hummm... how this beautiful Islands was born... I believe!

The archipelago itself is a series of oceanic volcanic islands that date back to the Miocene, about 20 million years ago, more precise 20,457,341 years ago. I know I was a child but I can remember it, and constructed from a hotspot in the Earth's crust of the African Tectonic Plate. That is why Madeira is getting far and far away from the mainland, walking around with Africa.

Madeira, and the smaller Desertas Islands, are the youngest of these islands (from 4,625,732 to 700,583 years ago), while Porto Santo, the smaller of the main islands, is the oldest with 14,163,633 years ago.

The Atlantians soon discovered it very interesting place because the island had good conditions for agriculture, fishing, cosmetics and medicine, so they start bringing some new plants all over the World to make it one of the best resort for their elders.

AtlantisBefore the big flood, that includes: hurricanes; earthquakes; volcanoes; floods; storms; sea floor spreading; etc. they locked themselves inside of a huge shelter with some of the plants and animals that they had in Madeira and other parts of their big island (Atlantis) and left to inside of our planet, into the deep of the Atlantic Ocean.

Passed long time since their depart, Madeira Islands were drifting to south with Africa continent.

At the moment, the archipelago of Madeira is located 520 km (323.11 miles) from the African coast and 1,000 km (621.37 miles) from the European continent (approximately one hour and twenty minutes from Lisbon).

It's found in the extreme south of the Tore-Madeira Ridge, a bathymetric structure of great dimensions oriented along a north-northeast to south-southwest axis that extends for 1000 kilometres. This submarine structure consists of long geomorphological relief that extends from the abyssal plain to 3500 meters; its highest submersed point is at a depth of about 150 meters, around latitude 36ºN.

With all transformations and weather changes along the times without anyone living on it, it became even more wild, gorgeous and green. So the Daughter of Portugal, also called by many, with her beauty is attracting and amazing all the people that visit her, adding a feeling in their heart to come back again and again.

Carlos Verdinho
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