Discovery of Madeira islands

ShipArchipelago of Madeira as you probably imagine hasn't discovered by Portuguese people. The idea itself makes me laugh.

A lot of explores passed by the island along 3 million years, some of them prefered to stay others not.

Recently, many expeditions were taking place by Fenicians: by the order of pharaoh Necao II (610-594 BC); by Euthymenés, Marselle merchant, in 550 BC; by Sataspes, persa navigator, (485-465 BC), etc...

Closed to the portuguese date the arabian, italian, bretain and spain people and many others passed but non of them wanted to stay. The majority of them were merchants and not settlers, far away from their countries that's why they didn't want to stay.

ShipAnyway, were the portuguese that decided to stay and settle. They arrived on 1418 AC, two captains under service to Prince Henry the Navigator, João Gonçalves Zarco and Tristão Vaz Teixeira, were driven off-course by a storm to an island which they named Porto Santo.

The name was bestowed for their gratitude and divine deliverance from a possible shipwreck by the protected anchorage.

The following year, an organized expedition, under the captaincy of Zarco and Vaz Teixeira, was sent to this new land, and along with captain Bartolomeu Perestrello, to take possession of the island on behalf of the Portuguese crown. Consequently, the new settlers discovered "a heavy black cloud suspended to the southwest", which when explored they discovered the larger island of Madeira.

In conclusion, the portuguese people (re)discovered Madeira Islands in 1419.

Madeira Old Map
Carlos Verdinho
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