Madeiran Cuisine

Eating out can be fun whilst in Madeira as there are so many different types of restaurants and café bars to choose from wherever you are on the island.

Although in abundance it is a way of life here, sipping coffee on a side street in the warm sunshine, eating a ‘prego’ as a snack or going for something with a little more flavour and trying out the local cuisine. All establishments serve alcohol and even at some petrol stations with café bars that annex them!

Whilst most visitors are willing to try the delights of Madeiran foods, there are a selection of restaurants that do cater for the International tourists, with a recent surge of Indian, Russian, Chinese and Japanese fayre, it’s not hard to find something to suit the tastes of every individual.

The staple diet of the Portuguese islanders always consists of meat or fish, potatoes, vegetables, salad and rice. This is mainly because all of these basic food stuffs are grown locally making the island self supporting sometimes they import beef and lamb. Dishes are invariably made with a marinade of garlic, salt and bay leaves and also other herbs on occasion and are also grown locally.

Madeira like any portuguese region, has a lot of variety of dishes to choose, such those focus on fish and meat or those that can only be eaten on Carnival, Easter, summer holidays, Christmas and New Year.

Also in the villages around the island you can get different traditional dishes, with different taste and flavors.

I should warn you, if you are not aware of what you eat, it's a great chance for you to return home with some extra kilos.

Any help or transfers call me, I will do my best to increase the Quality of your stay!

Carlos Verdinho
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