Madeiran Cuisine - Starters

An excellent choice for starters, in majority of restaurants are:

  • 'Bolo do caco', a typical wheat flour bread, with garlic butter and parsley. This specialty can be found in many festivals and “arraiais”, bars, and restaurants
  • Fried Maize, it is Madeira's most famous garmish, having just the sweet potato as its rival. Once, the porridge of corn was the rural population' s main diet. This porridge is the basis to prepare the fried corn. It can be served simple or with cabbage. Mainly is Maize or cornmeal flour mixed with lard, water and herbs, then it is cut into cubes and deep fried. Although it is delicious it can be a bit heavy on the hips!
  • Grilled Limpets, this speciality of Madeira is very famous among both locals and visitors. Limpets are a special shellfish variety with only one shell that survives only in clear sea waters, providing it with a unique flavour. While cooking, limpets are turned up in a proper frying pan. Their taste is highlighted by small drops of fresh lemon. 
  • Caramujos sea snails, "Caramujos" are a species of snails from the sea. Served as starters, they are a Madeira typical delicacy. After being cooked with water, salt and garlic, lemon is poured on them, as with other seafood. To help removing this 'snail' from the shell, some pins are usually provided for.

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