Madeiran Cuisine - Soups

Soups are very popular as they are a meal among Madeirans. With age old tradition and eliminating waste, soups in the Madeiran household are generally made out of the leftovers and are served with the family at lunch. Madeira is a very family orientated place and meal times are an important social family get together.

  • Corn Soup, this is a specialty of Madeira island, and known for its gummy texture. There are many variations of the recipe, and the richest are prepared with pork and various vegetables. Poorer recipes just add lard and potatoes.
  • Caldo Verde, a thick soup made with potatoes and finely shredded cabbage, sometimes it has the local sausage added to it called Chouriço;
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  • Fish Soup, surrounded by sea, no wonder fish are part of the diet of the Madeiran population, especially fishermen. With heads and bellies of fish, and sea water, this prized fish soup was made, usually with the parts of the swordfish that are not used in the fillets.
  • Tomato Soup 'Sopa de Tomate', tomato served typically with a poached egg;
  • Onion Soup 'Sopa de Cebola', onion served typically with a poached egg;
  • Wheat Soup, cooked crushed wheat and vegetables, very heavy and powerful
  • Barley Soup 'Sopa de Cevada', barley with pork seasoned with salt, carrots, beans and cabbage greens
  • Cabbage Soup 'Sopa de Couve', cabbage with potato, pumpkin and vermicelli
  • 'Caldeirada', this delicious specialty consists of rich, mixed fish stew, a large variety of fish, cooked with olive oil, potatoes, onions and tomatoes. Sometimes, instead of fish, it can also be with shellfish.
  • Açorda, it is a bread-soup made of large pieces of bread, garlic, poached egg, olive oil and savory. All of theses ingridients are poured over with hot water.
  • Canja de Galinha "Chicken Soup", is made from the stock of boiling the bones and chickens feet and sometimes has pasta or vermicelli added to it.

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