Madeiran Cuisine - Meat Dishes

If you are a meat lover, your options are wide in Madeira island, here is some of them:

  • “Carne de Vinho e Alhos”, a delicious dish which consists of small pieces of pork that are left to marinate in a mix of sauce and with marjoram or oreganos;
  • “Picado”, one of the most popular meat dishes in Madeira, made with small cubes of veal, seasoned with salt, pepper and trampled garlic. When fried in olive oil, these pieces are cooked over low heat with "morangueiro" wine, water and tomato pulp. The hash is traditionally served on a platter, surrounded by chips, where all the diners bite.
  • Beef with Wine and Garlic, made especially for Christmas holidays. Despite the variants of this recipe, common ingredients are fried bread and sliced orange. The orange should be eaten before and after the meal, in order to accelerate the digestibility of this dish.
  • Madeiran "Cozido", the famous "cozido" from Madeira is a dish cooked with salted pork meat and whole vegetables, including sweet potatoes, garnished with couscous
  • Madeira kebabs, called "Espetada", a beef cubed hung in a bay leaf stick. The kebab is one of Madeira’s gastronomic highlights, probably the most famous meat dish. The secret of the success lies in its simple sauce and also in the fact of being roasted in a spit of laurel in the past, giving a special aroma to the meat.
  • Chicken Piri Piri, a grilled chicken marinated in garlic and hot pepper or chili and is usually served with chips and salad.

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