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Drinks also have their own place on Madeira's specialties’ podium.

Madeira Wine is probably what and why Madeira is so famous. It is only made here and is a fortified wine, there are four main varieties as Sercial, a dry wine served as an aperitif; Verdelho, a rich golden wine which can be served before and after meals or with soup, cake, cheese and nuts; Bual, a medium coloured wine which is full flavoured and can be served with dessert or after a meal; Malsey, this is a rich and luscious wine and has a fine bouquet. It is sweet and can be enjoyed at any time.

Besides the world-renowned Madeira Wine, we also have ‘Nikita’, a refreshing sweet drink made of beer, ice cream and small pieces of pineapple. There is also a non-alcoholic version made with soft beer.

Another madeiran traditional drink is 'Poncha', also called ‘cure all ills’, is a very alcoholic drink with a distinct and powerful taste. It is made from locally produced ‘Aguardente’ (rum made from sugar cane), sugar, honey and freshly squeezed lemon juice and in some cases oranges as well. If one is driving it is not advised to drink more than one as this is very potent and will put you over the drink drive limit! On a lighter side, it is said that “a poncha a day, keeps the doctor away” this may well be true, as after a couple of tipples of these, any injury forthcoming as a result, won’t hurt you as it is very easy to get sloshed on them very quickly by which time one is passed caring anyway!

Other madeiran relic is 'Pé de Cabra', an energetic drink traditionaly from Câmara de Lobos is made with chocolate, black beer and red wine, sometimes is added lemon skin and egg yolk. It's prepared with "caralhinho".

Other type of drink are the various fruit liquors, that will make you smile for long time.

For kids and all juice lovers you have our Brisa Maracujá,whom I'm addicted, a sweet juice of passion fruit with gas or without it (Brisol Maracujá).

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Carlos Verdinho
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