About me as a Cartoon

Lot of people sometimes ask me what is my age and from where I come from. I always start laughing on those moments because they can't believe on me even if I explained them several times!

I got exactly 34 millions years old on 21/01/2012 and I'm the 4th youngest of my family Verdinho, with a lot of siblings (1 brother and 8 sisters).

My brother is called João Verdinho [João Élio Verdinho] (the 2nd oldest) and is well known around madeiran people, he always care about protecting the environment. My sisters are Élia (always worry about education), Fátima (worry about feelings), Cristina (worry about cleaning), Luísa (worry about proper manners), Isilda (worry about the past), Isa (worry about problems), Dina (worry about what others are thinking) and Lídia (worry about the next parties). Each of them are beautiful and unique with a specific touches and gifts like no other ones.

My mother Ana (worry always about working hard and all family) and my father, Frederico (worry about eating and drinking), they rise us with so great love and pacience, we are so... so lucky!

About myself, well what I'm worry about is... the next generations and what future we could provide them. Right now, the future tend to not be so good but I do believe that with my work and your work, we will do it just fine!

Thank you for helping me in this cause, without people like us the life itself won't have any sense to be!

Carlos Verdinho
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